Mr. R. Salmi at 40 years age was suffering from several ailments, including High Blood Pressure. He was a very capable man with above average intelligence, a very strong will-power, full of self-confidence and an unfailing presence of mind in times of crises. He was very convincing in his talk. Early success in life made him over-ambitious and turned his head. He became proud and over bearing and hypnotized by his rise to power. He convinced himself that his success was proof of his infallible judgements. He would not brook any contradiction, would not enter into argument. His word was final. His word was law.
At home he inspired awe, not love. At office, he inspired fear, not respect. He had no friends. Friendship requires mutual respect and a sense of equality, and he lacked both.
Thus he forced his way to pinnacle of success, often riding roughshod over the feelings of others, without compunction, as if the humane part in him was dead. This lone struggle without any friend, without any sympathy, love or respect from any quarter caused tension in every fibre of his body. Lack of sleep, loss of appetite, stiffness of joints, migraine and H.B.P. was the result.
His family doctor advised him to reduce tension from his mind, but he consistently ignored this advice. At last he warned his wife that if Mr. Sahni did not reduce tension from his mind, there was a genuine risk of some vein in his brain bursting and paralysing him.
In panic she came to us for advice, at the same time fearing that her husband would play hell with her if he came to know that she had dared to come to us without his permission.
So the medicine would have to be given stealthily. VINE Remedy was prescribed to be given 3 to 4 times a day, mixed with his drinking water. After 15 days, Mrs. Sahni reported slight change in her husband’s temperament, as he could now listen to other’s point of view.
After 3 months of this treatment, Mr. Sahni had shed off all tension from his mind and even helped others by his sage advice, and his blood pressure came to normal.
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