Here I recollect the case of Mahatma Hans Raj who was a venerated Arya Samaj leader in Lahore. It is said, in his last days, the doctors advised him to take chicken soup to recoup his fast waning strength. But he refused (being a vegetarian) and he died—a peculiar case of negative Rock Water.
A much more venerated Mahatma Gandhi, the world-known apostle of Ahimsa, ordered a sickly calf to be shot dead to terminate his agony when all medical treatment failed to give relief—a case of positive Rock Water.
Essential characteristics of Negative Rock Water State:
(a) Has set a very high ideal of code of conduct for himself and pursues it with dedication.
(b) Is very hard on himself, denies himself the normal pleasures of life, and is prepared to make any sacrifices for his principles.
(c) Is a slave of the dogmatic theories and sometimes exaggerated ideals which are subject to no change under any circumstances.
(d) Holds a wrong concept of spirituality, gives undue importance to forms i.e. special diet, meditation techniques etc., wants to be a saint while on earth.
(e) They have a closed mind, and are not able to put aside their principles and convictions even when confronted with new insights and greater truths.
(f) The constant coercion applied on himself to suppress his important human needs and normal pleasures of life and his inflexible mind often results in inflexibility of his body—his muscles and tenders become stiff and rigid, causing pain.
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