Mrs. K. Chopra, an old lady of 70 years age, had to attend upon her ailing husband who was on sick bed for the last 3 years, suffering from diabetes and weeping eczema of the legs, He could not even get up to go to the bath room by himself and several times she had to wash his bed sheets which were soiled by his involuntary urination or involuntary stools. She was dead tired physically and tortured mentally by the same monotonous daily routine. She was fast losing her own health. Apart from weakness, she got fits of depression off and on; vertigo and headache became frequent; she lost her sleep as well as her appetite, and felt as if she would precede her husband in ending her earthly life.
A new fear assailed her—what would become of her husband after her, who would attend to his needs ? A combination of “OLIVE” (for tiredness, boredom, weakness) and “Red Chestnut” (for fear about her husband) was prescribed T.D.S for one week in the first instance and was continued for 4 weeks more. Mrs. Chopra responded to the treatment very well and passed many years in good health after the death of her husband.
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