Marriage is noteworthy from the point of view of health because it protects couples from disease. Married couples with children suffer less illness than married couples without children. Who in turn suffer less illness than divorced couples. Who in turn suffer less illness than singles. Belonging to a family delivers the goods – as far as the propensity to good health is concerned. From evolutionary point of view this phenomena makes good sense. Debilitated parents would soon have their offspring and any claim to immortality swiftly removed from the gene pool.
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The divorce rate in western societies is approaching 50 per cent. Most people who divorce – remarry. The institution of marriage does not seem to be at fault. It appears more likely to be people’s expectations of marriage that are the problem. The first marriage may involve a process of reality testing. These lessons may be better utilized in the next marriage; although some researches say they are not. As far as the medical practitioner is concerned marriage guidance counseling involves two elements. The first relates to helping couples resolve their difficulties when both partners want the marriage to be saved. The second relates to keeping married couples apart when either one or both of the partners believe that the marriage is completely irretrievable.

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