It’s really a paradox to go on a holiday and abandon your good habits. The idea of a holiday is to renew oneself, to refresh and strengthen the mind and body. It’s a mistake to throw your principles to the winds when holidaying. Happily, you don’t have to do so at all. Plan a healthy holiday!
Once again, a good travel agent comes in handy at such times. There are spas, resorts, ranches, fishing camps, cruises and tours which feature healthy activities and foods. Don’t ever forget that by eating and living a heart-healthy lifestyle, you’re on the cutting edge. In today’s society that means that more and more people are doing the very same thing. And in turn the holiday industry has responded with some very healthy choices.
Why not start planning for your next holiday well in advance? Call your travel agent and ask her to start collecting information about healthy destinations. Put together a file on such places and enjoy letting your imagination go, thinking about cruising the Whitsundays or walking along a sandy beach. Looking forward to future pleasures is one of life’s greatest joys.
Planning to travel abroad? Obviously you can’t go everywhere, so why not consider the health angle of various destinations. A week in Paris will tempt you with all those five-star restaurants and their cream and butter sauces. A week in the south of France, on the other hand, will introduce you to the mouth-watering delights of Mediterranean cuisine that packs lots of fun and flavour without the fat.
Closer to home, old-fashioned health spas were places of deprivation and discomfort. Today they pamper their guests with engaging daily activities, facials and massages and wonderfully creative approaches to low-fat cuisine fit for kings and queens.
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