Banquets pose a special problem for businessmen, whether travelling or at home. Seldom are such meals planned with health in mind. But you don’t have to give in. First of all, banquet food isn’t the greatest anyway, so it’s not as though you’re really giving up something wonderful. Second, it’s easier than ever to request an alternative. Certainly that’s best accomplished by ordering a substitute meal in advance, but even on short notice the kitchen can come up with something that will tide you over.
If you’re going to have a splurge, by all means do so now and then. As part of a routinely low-fat diet, a now-and-then binge won’t significantly affect your cholesterol level. But wouldn’t you rather enjoy that splurge in a fine restaurant with your spouse? I put banquet food in the same category as airline cuisine, and treat it the same.
Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for a special meal. Be proud of your commitment. You’ll probably impress those you do business with as being a person whose standards are high and firm.
As a last resort, you can always eat prior to going to the banquet. Have a sandwich and some soup in the coffee shop. Then you won’t be hungry, and you can simply nibble at the banquet. No one will even notice. I do it often.
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