She returned a few weeks later a much happier person. She said that the opportunity to share with the doctor her disappointment at the probability of not having a baby had enabled her to see things in a fresh light. It enabled her to talk about the grief that she felt for the baby she would not have, and she could see that it might be like a bereavement, full of different emotions, some anger some sadness, and even some relief that she would not have all the responsibilities that children bring. She loved her husband very much and wanted to spend her life with him. She had been able to talk about her disappointments with him and found that he had not deliberately been ignoring her needs, but that it had been too difficult for him to talk to her. They had made love several times without any pain.

had learned that the problem did not lie in the fact that other people were ignoring the existence of her feelings, but that her ability to withhold and hide her feelings had been the cause of all her emotional and physical pain. She could now move on to the process of going through the various feelings of grief knowing that to make love involved a strong emotional as well as a physical element. Now she had brought her ambivalent feelings about a baby into the open with her husband it had become an easier sharing process, and there was less pain. She was still undecided about whether she wanted a baby but the dilemma was no longer expressed as a physical problem.


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