You may wonder about the answer to this question. Well, there are various medicines that contain metals, for example Salvarsan. If this is taken, the patient will be ingesting mercury and arsenic, since both of these are ingredients of Salvarsan. There are also certain medicines for the blood that contain iron and copper.

Secondly, metallic salts are used in some old-fashioned preserving processes and, of course, in pesticides; these contain copper, lead, arsenic and so forth. They then settle on vegetables and fruits, posing an added danger, since it is difficult to remove the traces even by washing the produce.

It is still not fully known which of the new and frightening diseases are connected with the insidious effect of toxic metallic salts. Some of these diseases cause partial or total paralysis, confronting the doctor with an unsolvable problem and subjecting the patient to painful infirmity. Most likely this is due to poisoning through metallic salts, in addition to the influence of radiation. It is for this reason that we cannot be too careful in our efforts to ensure that we do not take into the body dangerous poisons in the form of metallic salts that undermine our health and future.


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