You’ve looked at the various aspects of the Immune For Life program. Now it’s time to take a look at yourself. How immune are you? Is your diet full of the Super Foods that give your “doctor within” the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed to fight illness and distress? Or are you eating the Standard American Diet that causes so much disease and death? Is your mind filled with positive, happy thoughts? Or are you a stress seeker or a stress phobic? Are you a regular and vigorous exerciser, or do you lie down whenever the urge to exercise comes over you?

I’m going to ask you to do some interesting work in this chapter. You’ll find three quizzes that contain the same kinds of questions I ask my patients. Taking the quizzes will teach you a lot about outlook on life, exercise and nutrition, as I see it. Your scores will be used to determine which of the four Nutri-Prevention supplement programs may be right for you. And at the end of the chapter you’ll find a list of immune-system laboratory tests that you should consider having performed by your physician to measure certain indicators of the immune system.

Answer all the questions honestly. Sure, you can fix it so you have better scores. But that won’t change what’s happening inside your body. The point is to learn about yourself. You can only do that if you answer the questions honestly.

After you’ve been on the Immune For Life program for about two months, take the three quizzes again. You’ll be surprised at how much higher you score, and how much better you feel.


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