When cancer spreads beyond the prostate, it cannot be cured— but it can be controlled. The main way to do this is by hormone therapy—shutting down the hormones that feed the prostate and nourish the cancer. There are several kinds of hormone therapy; each one targets a different link in the hormonal chain of events that affects the prostate.

Prostate growth is tightly controlled by a major hormone, testosterone, which is made by the testcles.

The amount of testosterone that circulates in the blood is carefully monitored by the brain, and this is where the whole hormone chain really begins. The hypothalamus makes a substance called LHRH, a chemical signal that’s dispatched to the nearby pituitary gland. It tells the pituitary gland to make, among other things, a hormone called LH. LH, in turn, tells the testicles to make testosterone. Think of the domino effect—LHRH, LH, testosterone, DHT.


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