a. ‘Because of the male-menopause a man becomes impotent and either
cannot get an erection or, when he does, cannot maintain one. He has no
stamina left for sex.’

fact: Not true. There is no hormonal or physical change during M-M so there is no change in either sexual urge or reproductive powers.

Should a partner find there is a lack of interest in sex she should first consider whether it is her own lovemaking that is no longer stimulating the man — that she might be sexually boring or stale. Or, is he enjoying his sex elsewhere?

b. ‘If he is sexually highly active he will take on a young mistress.’
fact: If he could, he would.

d. ‘When a man owns up to the fact that he has survived the male-
menopause it means he no longer has an active sex life.’

fact: Nonsense. Here is a man who understands and has survived the M-M crisis. He is probably indicating his sexlife has taken on a new dimension. He may also be sexually more adventurous.

e. ‘He will have prostate problems.’

fact: No. Not every man develops prostate gland problems and when they do it is usually after fifty-five as part of the inevitable decline due to aging. Younger than fifty-five, prostate problems are due to infection.


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