Living-Young is the term used for men who have the desperate urge to live like the young of today. To adopt their mores and habits, their freer lifestyles, lovelife, values and attitudes to responsibility. They want only to spend their money on playing, on discos, dope and sex. To have fun. They see living-young as being-young. They will do anything rather than sit at home. Old people sit at home.

Dressing-Young affects a smaller group of men but we see them about nonetheless, usually in the company of attractive and undeniably young company.

This latter group will buy anything labelled ‘new’ or featured on the colour pages of magazines irrespective of the fact that the clothes are designed for much younger men whose bodies have youth, shape and mobility on their side. It is unfortunate for them that young clothes do not a young man make, but a figure of fun.

Both groups will spend heavily on aftershaves and colognes and liberally bathe themselves in the best of Aramis, Eau Sauvage, Givenchy, Halston, Polo, Saint Laurent and all the great names.


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