Most are intended to feel and look as the old mechanical versions.


As we said at the start of this section, although a woman can be turned on by almost anything if she is in the mood, a man is mainly turned on by having his mind and genitals stimulated. This means that he will want his partner to get to his penis as soon as possible. Don’t be hurried but tantalise him and make him wait.

How to handle a penis-The most sensitive portions of the penis are the lower rim of the head and the bridge of skin connecting the foreskin to the head on the underside. The shaft is relatively insensitive — like the outer lips of the vulva. Casually watching a man masturbate may give the impression that he holds his penis in his hand and more or less pumps it. This is not quite so. Usually his thumb and index finger are used to encircle and stimulate the lower rim in a to-and-fro massaging movement. His other fingers surround the shaft but as the skin over the shaft is so mobile it simply moves backwards and forwards with the hand and contributes little to the sensation.

Watching him closely whilst he masturbates and then practising whilst he gives advice on how firmly to hold the penis and the rate of movement required should allow his technique to be learned rapidly. Anointing the penis with baby-oil can help overcome any slight imperfections in technique.

In some men the foreskin is too tight to retract so direct stimulation of the rim is impossible. To masturbate they usually massage the whole head through the foreskin using the tips of the fingers.

Although some men hate it, most like to have their scrotum and testes held, or even squeezed, as they are masturbated by their partner. This can be easily achieved by squatting between his open thighs as he lies on his back.

Just as woman can be driven wild by oral caresses of their vulvas, most men love to have their penis kissed and gently sucked. Some women enjoy this oral intercourse, but most find they choke if the penis goes to the back of their throat, or they do not like the taste of the semen. Some women are perfectly happy if their partner ejaculates into their mouths but do not like swallowing the semen. They keep a tissue handy or go to the bathroom to spit it out and rinse their mouths. You cannot get pregnant from swallowing semen; and there is no proven health hazard, unless the man has a sexually transmitted disease.

Most women use oral stimulation as part of foreplay and not as a type of intercourse. A very substantial proportion of men going to prostitutes ask them to kiss and suck their penises, clearly having an unfulfilled need that any woman can cater for with her partner.

Start off simply licking and kissing his penis lightly and gently, and then slowly take the head of the penis into your mouth. Keep your mouth wide open, keep your teeth out of the way and then start to run your tongue around the rim of his penis and all over the tip. Put it into the opening a little and do whatever the man enjoys. Push your head up and down so that the penis goes in and out of your mouth, first deeply and then more shallowly. Use your tongue to stimulate the little ridge on the underside of the tip of the penis – most men find this very exciting. Although many women think they should be sucking when doing this, it is not necessary or even desirable though a gentle suction can be pleasant. Never, ever, blow down the penis.

If you sense that your partner’s breathing is getting heavy and you feel that he is about to ejaculate, take his penis out of your mouth and caress him to orgasm (perhaps over your breasts) or slip his penis into your vagina. Most men get an enormously powerful erection when stimulated in this way, and a man who has problems obtaining an erection may very well not be able to get one at all without oral stimulation. Older men often respond very well to oral stimulation.

Fellatio: As with cunnilingus, not all women are keen to do it (especially to ejaculation) and not all men are keen to have it done to them. Fellatio is, however, increasingly fashionable.


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