Bursitis is what happens when a small, fluid filled sac called a bursa becomes inflamed. These sacs of fluid are located throughout the entire body— primarily in the joints. When they are inflamed they become swollen and very painful. Treatment can be a matter of whatever works best. Here are some possible remedies that may help relieve the pain of bursitis:

1) Rest— this is the most typical treatment and often bursitis will subside in a couple of days. It is important for a speedy recovery that you stop whatever activity is causing the pain, and “give it a rest”.

2) Ice it down— if the joint is hot to the touch, applying an ice pack may help relieve the pain. Doctors recommend that you alternate 10 minutes of ice, 10 minutes of rest, 10 minutes of ice, and so on.

When that’s the condition, alternate cold and heat treatments— 10 minutes each.

4) Take ibuprofen or aspirin— both will help reduce inflammation.

5) Treat the pain with castor oil— once the pain is no longer acute, usually after 4 or 5 days, you can apply a new treatment involving castor oil and heat. Here’s how it works: cover the afflicted joint with castor oil, then put cotton over the area. Finally, apply a heating pad to the area.

6) Exercise— following an attack of bursitis it is important that you perform regular stretching exercises to get the afflicted joint moving in a complete and natural way.


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